Wolfgang Amadeus van d' Böhm









Exhibition Silke Gottschalt and Sylvia Guenther / Komprimart


Topic: "Meaning in Light & Shadow"


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Long Night of the family


Construction of families sculptures in the KJFE  Schabracke / Berlin


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December '11

Exhibition Silke Gottschalt and Sylvia Guenther / Komprimart

Topic: "Beautiful art on the gift table"

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August '11


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"World-of-art" / Art Exchange - Berlin / Urania

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May '08

"Construction of fire sculptures / pictures and objects" with children and youngsters of the equipment "Oktopus" Berlin

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December, '07

 creation and production "Socially-Cup 2007"

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since July, '07 - unknown

 sozio cultural project: 8. Endowment roses " holy Elisabeth " and the following Ñ Œ r social projects




Communal sow position with the Berlin painter present Holm am See and Wolfgang Amadeus van d ' Böhm:

" 3D-UV pictures and objects " place: Gallery " Weissenseer of Friday " / Berlin - middle

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August '06

Metallworkshop "construction of an Open air bar / bar for the garden" with youngsters of the leisure equipment "Oktopus"

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February, '06

communal exhibit with the technology centre and educational centre of king Wusterhausen were shown in the Brandenburg Landtag, Potsdam

 to work from the XENOS project " acceptance and integration by meeting, clarification and education"

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December, '05

creation and production of the challenge cup: "GrossSociallyPrice" The "GrossSocialPrice" is the biggest creative competition of Germany and strategy competition for social marketing.

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November, '05

"Carpe diem!", benefit performance exhibit for the reconstruction of the Berlin castle

"info centre reconstruction Berlin castle", Berlin - middle


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September, '05

handing over of the plastic "ship's kobold" to the Baltic bath Rerik



October, '05

constant exhibit of the seminar results in the mental workshop half /

"construction of commemorative plastics from reductions and metal scrap metal"

together with trainees tbz / of king Wusterhausen 

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From July to September, '05

"Carpe diem!", subject: Beach property Home museum Baltic bath Rerik

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June, '05

photo exhibit " cuttings of the CD-ROM Hanse of Sail' in 2004 " Baltic Point, Warnemünde

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August, '04

Open Air Exhibit in collaboration with the gallery "art malice", Rerik



March, '04

"Carpe diem!" Gallery "Weissenseer Freitag", Berlin - middle

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August, '03

"Carpe diem!" Play bank of Warnemünde

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June, '03

         „Carpe diem!“ Kunsthaus „Republique of Imagination“, Miroslawiec / Poland

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March, '03

communal exhibit "bear and steel" in the box house, Berlin - village Wilmers


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March, '03

handing over of the plastic "winter, 2000" to the Wartburg city of Eisenach, represent by him WHETHER Gerhard Schneider



September, '02

participation "X-th art mile" Berlin


September, '01

participation " VIIII-th art mile " Berlin


March, '01

"Carpe diem!" Vault gallery of matt hay Eisenach

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November, '00

"Carpe diem!" Subject: Cork " green league ", Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg


June, '00

"Carpe diem!" Gallery cafe "Right in the middle", Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg


April, '00

 1-st exhibit "Carpe diem!" in "the house", Berlin - Friedrich's Hain


as well as different seminars in "scrap metal creation" and "photo work" at home and abroad