"Construction of fire sculptures / pictures and objects" / Workshop

Manipulation / Stephan


In the time from the 13th to the 17th of May - took place under the direction of wb - in the garden of the equipment Oktopus this Workshop. Participants were children and youngsters of the equipment.


loss – renunciation - Fire sculpture / Suse


burning heart - Fire plastic / wb


Fool's ship - Fire plastic / wb

aim position:

creative discussion with the topic of the finiteness

removal and strengthening of social actions

communication between the age groups

strengthening and removal of the self-confidence

conflict and stress coping

aim position:

Contact with the material "wood"

removal of the abilities and skills


The subject choice was open.



Fun and joy by the common realisation even of elective subjects.


Wrong gods - Fire portrait  / Alexei


Working title: "Contrasts"- Fire sculpture / Martin



Working title: „Dragon & princess“ - Fire portrait  / Katharina


Ikarus / Jan


loss – renunciation - Fire sculpture / Suse


Fool's ship - Fire plastic / wb

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