Winter 2000

Location: old city hall in the market

 Eisenach / Thuringia



Ship's kobold

location: in the home museum

city Baltic bath Rerik



matalman / Metal plastic

location in the front garden of the art house

"Republique of Imagination"

in Miroslawiec / Poland

Further information about the art house here!



UV knight's bear

cooperation with Anja Fohmann

Further information here!




Castle tower

mirror kaleidoscope

Furter information here!




Creation and production

of different metal frames

for drawings and mirrors



UV plastic - spider with net

(stamp set with metal pressure plate)

Futher information here!




Iron Rose

Creation and production

of different metal roses

with and without vitreous body

 as well as with and without UV decoration



Castle I

Other photos here!


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