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Are you interested in India? Want to dive into the variety of cultures, this relaxed and well-tempered car travel? Determine where and when each site is activated next and how long you want to stay there, then you should contact me:

You write what you want or like to enjoy their holidays in their work and I'll put together a program!

Some examples:
Are you interested in the famous tourist attractions in India or want to know the different crafts or forever hold places in a special photo safari on their camera or tailor the most beautiful fragrances and jewelry for the purchase - then you are right!

 HAPPY TRAVEL SERVICES more than 80 travel films on channe: metallromantik

Get advice from me - I like to send you a quote.

The trips, depending on the duration of travel, interests, hotel category and number of people vary in price different.

Happy - that's not only my name but they will feel in their holiday or work.

Thank you for your attention and wish them all well.

The site was created by Wolfgang Amadeus van d 'Böhm. He travels for years only with a happy and was always very happy. The photos and videos were taken while on trips.